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Your furnace shoulders a lot of responsibility. To keep your heating system ready and able to handle the heavy workload of a New Castle winter, schedule preventative maintenance with Wes’s Heating and Cooling Inc. Our NATE-certified specialists have the tools, knowledge, and training to tune your equipment for maximum efficiency.

Why does my heating system need to be serviced?

Without proper service, your heating equipment will gradually consume more and more energy, raising those utility bills needlessly. You may notice decreased performance levels, louder operation, and poor indoor air quality. As dust and dirt build-up, not only will your furnace struggle to meet your needs, it will fail to filter air contaminants and control humidity levels. Eventually, you’ll face costly repairs and possible safety issues.

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Preventative maintenance is a simple solution. A yearly tune-up by the professionals at Wes’s Heating and Cooling Inc. will prevent an average of fifty percent of malfunctions and increase your equipment’s longevity. With a simple phone call, you’ll enjoy peace of mind. Our courteous staff will schedule a yearly plan, so you can rest assured that come winter, your family is warm and comfortable. Contact us today!

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